Owner Ron Fromkin

SPECIAL NOTE: Due to recent changes in rules concerning elephant ivory in the USA, I can no longer buy or sell elephant ivory carvings. I can repair elephant ivory carvings but will use hippo ivory or man made materials. I cannot use any elephant ivory material for repair work. These changes have made all elephant ivory items worthless as they cannot be bought or sold. The documents required by these new rules do not exist  and the rules were set up to stop all legal ivory transactions in the USA including antiques. The supposed goal was to save the elephants in Africa. These rules were set up by an advisory committee funded by Obama ( $10,000,000) and headed by Hillary Clinton and related to the Clinton Foundation. She established an advisory group of  nine of her friends , none with any knowledge of ivory. No elephants will be saved by these rules. According to Fish and wildlife Service the amount of poached ivory coming to the USA is insignificant, it all goes to China and other Asian countries. I anticipate their will be legal challenges to these rules and there is pending legislation in Congress to remove these rules. When these federal rules were challenged over the last two years, the wildlife groups began pushing for State laws that passed in NY, NJ and one or two other States. Politicians in these States jumped on the bandwagon and approved these laws, after all ,who would not want to save the elephants? I doubt anyone read these laws or considered unintended consequences such as life long collections of ivory are now worthless.
Hundreds of millions of dollars in antique and rare ivories are now worthless. No one in the antique trade or anyone with expertise in ivory was consulted. Many States shot down these laws after it was learned what their real goal was. For more information on this issue contact the Ivory Education Institute ( Godfrey Harris) or the Elephant Protective Association( Rob Mitchell).


The Japanese Repository has been established since 1991 and specializes in ivory repair and restoration work to the trade and private parties, using genuine ivory materials. Missing or broken parts are hand carved in ivory and securely attached to the object. Whenever possible, repairs are made with ivory matching the original in color and density and finish. I also work in bone, wood, antler and horn. I have extensive experience in restoration and repairs to the following items:
Netsuke- ivory, wood, antler.
Japanese Okimono.

Chinese ivories of all types, including polychrome stain and painted surfaces.
Indian and Goa style carving.
European Ivory pieces.
Ivory tankards.
Chess sets, repair and fabrication, ivory, bone, wood, turned and figural.
Napoleonic Prisoner of war bone carvings.
Canes and walking sticks.
Small inlay work- bone, wood, ivory and other natural materials.
Wood carving- small items only, missing parts, cracks, damage, inlay.
Lathe turning in bone, ivory and wood for chess pieces, knobs, Finials, and bun feet for boxes and tea caddies.

Snuff bottle repairs- Tops in ivory and other materials, cork stoppers and spoons in bone and ivory.

If you have any questions about a repair please e-mail me at ivoryrepair@yahoo.com